Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tugu Jogja 3d Model

Tugu Jogja is the most popular landmark of Yogyakarta(also known as Jogja). This monument is located in the center of the crossroad between the Mangkubumi, Soedirman, A.M. Sangaji and Diponegoro roads. Tugu Jogja was also called as De Witt Paal (in dutch) or Tugu Pal Putih (white post monument).In the past, tugu Jogja had a diferent form than what is look like now, it was originally constructed in cylindrical form (from base) to conical form upwards with rounded top, and it was 25 m high. On 10 June 1987, a big earthquake happened in Yogyakarta, it ruined the Old Tugu Jogja. In 1889, Dutch goverment (colonizer of Indonesia in the past) renovated Tugu Joga. "The new monument was constructed as a square with each side being decorated with a kind of inscription containing the names of people who were involved in the renovation" from It has 15 m high and golden conical top like you can see untill now, as the modern form of Tugu Jogja. This monument is very special because of its history and mistycal legend. It was told that South sea, Keraton Yogyakarta, Tugu Jogja, and Mount Merapi made a straight line as a relation symbol, between human and God.

I love Jogja very much, i ve learned so many things in this city, and also left some beautifull memories here. I have a dream to make Jogja in papercraft, at least the landmarks such as Gedung BI, Tugu Jogja, Keraton, UGM, and maybe Merapi Mountain!! I started it from Tugu Jogja.I took Tugu Jogja photos to made the line drawing before i made it in 3d mode. These photos are also useful when i made the texture. This is not a Tugu Jogja 3d model in detail, it was built for papermodel and papercraft purpose, and may be differ from original for some respect. The pattern and test built will be released soon (i hope :))

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