Monday, April 19, 2010

Humvee Papercraft, Built Model

Title : Detailed HMMWV (humvee) Papercraft
Designer : Yudho
Builder : Yudho

Maybe this is the cheapest humvee (HMMWV) in the world... It was made of paper, so it called as humvee papercraft. I built the humvee in 1:55 scale, because i already had a Challenger model from Julius that have that scale. Did you know?sometimes i want to build my own army, based on paper, and different models in same scale would be nice isnt it?

Built Report

This model was printed by my lil bro, actually he is the one who want to make this model, but unfortunately this model was get waterspot due to heavy rain someday in my home, so he gave it up. But I wont, i try to hide the water spot by some coloring techinque. I used waterbased paint to recolor this model. When it finished, i think that the humvee was too simple, then i try to made it a little bit detailed. To bring my dream comes true, i have to make jerrycan papercraft and military bags papercraft in same scale. These is my limited model i guess. The Humvee Papercraft is still free of course, but jerrycans and bags wouldnt do the same way. You need to send me your built photos one of my design, and then if you were luck, you will get the files soon. but anyway "jerrycan and military bag" was such an easy model to built.

you can download the humvee here. Please note that the humvee in this page, which is built by myself is a detailed one. Your download model will come with a more simple way.

Humvee And Challenger Papercraft, The Humvee had been detailed by myself, with simple stracthbuild technique.

Humvee Papercraft, with jerrycans, military bags, and Tyre.

Few weeks ago, i've found some photos of my design on the web. and here there are, Thanks to Gilang Bhaskara (Indonesian papercraft Builder) and Afif Whelly (Indonesian papercraft Builder) who gave me the photos..

Humvee Papercraft
Title : Hurt Locker Diorama
Designer : Yudho (Indonesia)
Builder : Gilang Bhaskara (Indonesia)

Title : Testbuilt
Builder : Afif W. (Indonesia)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Challenger 2 MBT Papercraft

Do you believe this???Its all made by paper!!!, not a diecast nor plastic, designed by Julius Perdana ( and and built by me. This is not a free model, you must buy it at If you found somewhere in the net that share this model for free (except Julius's sites of course) it may be claimed as a piracy. I made some modification based on my own drawing. Actually this is very nice model even in standard mode, but i want it more. So i decided to add some rised side armor, turret armor, rised track, and movable turret. Please note that in standard version you will get fixed turret. Not an easy model for me, but it got really nice when its done..

Challenger 2 MBT in other turret stance.

wrong white balance setting, this Challenger looks pale...