Thursday, October 1, 2009

M1A1 Abrams Papercraft 1:35

M1A1 Abrams Papercraft

The M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank is made by General Dynamics Land Systems Division of USA. The first M1 tank was produced in 1978, the first M1A1 in 1985 and the first M1A2 in 1986. Until now, Over 8,800 M1 and M1A1 tanks have been produced. This tank looks familiar because it always seen in television and used in Iraqi War. it has composite armor, turbin engine, and 120 mm smoothbore canon. It has 9.7 m long, 3.6 m wide, and 2.89 m height. With all of these specification, and the battle proven story, Abrams is one of the best modern MBT in the world now. So then, i tried to make the simple 3d model and the papercraft also.As it said b efore, simple model, this papercraft is not a difficult model. i gave it 2 and half stars from 5 stars for a model with maximum difficulty. I need a lot of time to built this model because of my ability in making 3d model is not so good, even this is my first 3d model that i made by a computer. had problems in geometry and texturing made this model finished in 3 months after i started it.... and in fact, i have'nt made the instructions page yet. (hope it can be released soon)

This model is shared for free, and you can download it from here or a link at the end of this post. If link doesnt work, feel free to contact me, and i will sent you my M1A1 Abrams papercraft pattern as soon as possible. If you have built this model i hope that you can sent me the photos, advice and criticism. i will really happy and thankfull fo(this model is not a percfect one of course)r your concern. enjoy.....

M1A1 Abrams simple version papercraft can be downloaded here


  1. you could make more detaled instructions on the small parts to make it a bit easier but other wise it was really good :)

  2. Thank you Hazmat_luis, i ve made instruction for this Abrams. just check it

    hope you enjoy it :)

  3. i cant download this and i dont want to pay just for one download so could you send me everthing i need like the template and instructions to this email please thanks richard

  4. i ve sent it to your email Ricardo.. :) hope you enjoy it. It will be released soon " Abrams 2nd version" with better texture...

  5. can you please reupload the file? :(