Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Patlabor Ingram Papercraft From paper-replika

Another awesome papercraft or paper model from Julius Perdana that hosted Really nice patlabor papercraft. I am a big fan of Patlabor and i were really satisfied with this papercraft, of course, i ve been waitting so long for this moment, making the best Ingram papercraft in net with perfect scale, nice texturing, and its totally free..!!Thank you for for high class designs that shared for free!!

So then i prepared my tools, set my printer and then, i m ready with scissors in one hand and glue in the other hand to make these bunch of paper to be an Ingram. This model has curved faces, and it makes sense because, real patlabor have curved faces also. For consequences it will be more difficult to built rather than cubic faces. But a clear and complete instruction from designer made it more simple to me. This is a big model (over 25 cm tall) with a lot of parts, and my advice is make it from the foot and just be patient. Be Patient is really important because If you start to get bored, stop build, and enjoy other activities. It will be better to made it good looking in a longer time rather than "not so good" looking in faster way. because for me it will be frustating if i have it 50% built then something mess comes up because im in hurry, with that lot of parts...oh noooo its just impossible for me to start from zero again. But this is just my opinion. This is the pictures of Patlabor Ingram Papercraft that designed by Julius Perdana and built by myself

You can visit and download patlabor papercraft model here

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