Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Humvee M988 I.E.D Papercraft

Title : Humvee M988 I.E.D
Genre : Papercraft
Designer : Yudho
Builder : Yudho
Publisher :
Scale : 1:50
Paper Used : Art Paper 190 gsm
Adhesive : PVaC White Glue
Color : Printed with laser printer
Working Time : 30 Hrs
Difficulty : 4/5

Humvee M988 I.E.D truck,
 I dont know what to say but i hope you can enjoy this model... as usual, it is small but this time i add some details including AK-47, M4A1 Carbine, 1 sniper rifle, couple of boxes, cool box, bags, ammo boxes, and a map. Hope these simple things can make the Humvee looks more detail..

Only this big...

 download here
see the instruction here

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Humvee M988 I.E.D Truck Instruction

Brace yourself, the instruction has come, the model it self will soon can be downloaded!
Hope it can be enjoyed!

I think this is the most confusing part, even for myself

I add more pictures from pepakura, hope it helps