Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rhino, Future Armored Guerilla Vehicle Papercraft

Have you ever seen death race movie??this papercraft was inspired by that film. My imagination getting wild after watched that movie, i think sometimes i need that such car, and i start to made it in papercraft...
Based on double cabin hummer body, i tried to put extra "baggages" in the back, at the top of the roof, and put some armor on both sides of the car. two 12,7 mm gatling gun put in front of navigator seat, with special connector to the body of the car it can rotate around for 70 degrees. On the both, right and left side of the car there are 50. calibre machine guns, so do in the back of the car, two 50 caliber machine guns with rotatable turret are ready to do ther job to break something up. On the top of the roof, there are 3 tube of anti tank misilles that packed into a simple box, just like your roof rack car box. I'm sure with this kind of armament, this car will be ready to blown something up..

No need to tell you much, just see it, high steep angled shield in the doors, it shape specialy designed to do minimal damage when hit by bullets and anti tank weapon such an RPG (hahaha) , extra metal fin shape protection for driver and co-driver (the glass, of course it is bullet-proof), special bumper that can be putting down to protect tyre from spikes if the enemy put it on the street. It will be totally swept up to the sides of the car by the bumper. On the bottom of the car there is angled metal plate that protect driver and co driver if the car was hit by mine. even if the car is broke down, the driver and co driver have more chance to survive. On the back of the car, i put ekstra large fin angled shield, to protect the car from shot in escape mission. Just like "tombstone" on franky's car, it also can be dropped down. All of this armor is made by material such as Cobham (the armor of Challanger 2 MBT)

Active Defense
Smoke grenade is a standard.

After all this is just my imagination not a real thing, will it be come true in real world???i hope not, the world will be better if killing machine like this is not a real one. love and peace.. hehehe

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