Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Leopard 2A6 Main Battle Tank Papercraft

Leopard 2A6 Main Battle Tank Papercraft / Paper model with Proud This is my Original Papercraft Leopard 2A6 Main Battle Tank Papercraft,
  • Panjang bodi : 7.7 m
  • Lebar : 3.7 m
  • tinggi : 3 m
this leopard scale is 1:35, i used Asturo paper and ex milk box paper to build the structure inside. So its become a rigid body just like wood or plastic. I also designed the turret rotateable 360 degrees so it become more realistic. Unfortunately i have no pattern for this model. I used to do all of design with pencil, ruler, etc (manual) and i dont made a copy. Maybe next time i will build my papermodel with 3d software, so that i can share it with you. thank you

Monday, July 7, 2008

Gundam Hazel Papercraft

pola nya bisa di download di sini . Gundam Hazel Papercraft . Terdiri dari 12 halaman, untuk Gundam Hazel Papercraft. yang cebol (bicubic character) punya kepala yang gede diliat dari besar badanya, dan lebih banyak halaman untuk Gundam Hazel Papercraft yang postur nya sesuai dengan anime nya.