Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tugu Jogja Papercraft Instruction

The instruction is ready now, you can download the pattern here

M1A1 Abrams Papercraft Instruction

After a long long time, because of my other primary responsibilities that take me in so much time.... but finally i can release this M1A1 Abrams Papercraft Instruction. You can download pattern here

M1A1 Abrams Papercraft Instruction 1/3

M1A1 Abrams Papercraft Instruction 2/3

M1A1 Abrams Papercraft Instruction 3/3


Monday, October 26, 2009

S.W.A.T Papercraft

SWAT Papercraft

SWAT Papercraft

SWAT papercraft can be downloaded at julescrafter.com.
This is a simple story from wiki :
A SWAT (special weapons and tactics)team is an elite tactical unit in American and some international law enforcement departments. They are trained to perform high-risk operations that fall outside of the abilities of regular officers. Their duties include performing hostage rescues and counter-terrorism operations, serving high risk arrest warrants and search warrants, subduing barricaded suspects, and engaging heavily-armed criminals. A SWAT team is often equipped with specialized firearms including assault rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, carbines, riot control agents, stun grenades, and high-powered rifles for snipers. They have specialized equipment including heavy body armor, entry tools, armored vehicles, advanced night vision optics, and motion detectors for covertly determining the positions of hostages or hostage takers inside of an enclosed structure.
read more from wiki

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sagres II Papercraft From Canon

Sagres II Papercraft (a)

Sagres II Papercraft (b)

Sagres II Papercraft (bird view)

It had been built by myself on ivory paper 120 gsm. Nice model, not quite difficult and shared for free :)
You can download this free model here

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tugu Jogja Papercraft Download

Test build by myself, i believe you can make it better than this test build

Finnaly its done, you can download free tugu Jogja papercraft now. It was built by 2 version files, High resolution (approximately 3,6 Mb) and low resolution (approximately 200 kb). You can build Tugu Jogja papercraft just from the smallest part number to the highest, from base (trotoar) to the top. Complete Instruction (with picture) will be added later perhaps it will be included M1A1 Abrams papercraft instruction.

Download tugu jogja papercraft high resolution (3,6 Mb)
Download tugu jogja papercraft low resolution (0,2 Mb)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tugu Jogja 3d Model

Tugu Jogja is the most popular landmark of Yogyakarta(also known as Jogja). This monument is located in the center of the crossroad between the Mangkubumi, Soedirman, A.M. Sangaji and Diponegoro roads. Tugu Jogja was also called as De Witt Paal (in dutch) or Tugu Pal Putih (white post monument).In the past, tugu Jogja had a diferent form than what is look like now, it was originally constructed in cylindrical form (from base) to conical form upwards with rounded top, and it was 25 m high. On 10 June 1987, a big earthquake happened in Yogyakarta, it ruined the Old Tugu Jogja. In 1889, Dutch goverment (colonizer of Indonesia in the past) renovated Tugu Joga. "The new monument was constructed as a square with each side being decorated with a kind of inscription containing the names of people who were involved in the renovation" from yogyes.com. It has 15 m high and golden conical top like you can see untill now, as the modern form of Tugu Jogja. This monument is very special because of its history and mistycal legend. It was told that South sea, Keraton Yogyakarta, Tugu Jogja, and Mount Merapi made a straight line as a relation symbol, between human and God.

I love Jogja very much, i ve learned so many things in this city, and also left some beautifull memories here. I have a dream to make Jogja in papercraft, at least the landmarks such as Gedung BI, Tugu Jogja, Keraton, UGM, and maybe Merapi Mountain!! I started it from Tugu Jogja.I took Tugu Jogja photos to made the line drawing before i made it in 3d mode. These photos are also useful when i made the texture. This is not a Tugu Jogja 3d model in detail, it was built for papermodel and papercraft purpose, and may be differ from original for some respect. The pattern and test built will be released soon (i hope :))

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Patlabor Ingram Papercraft From paper-replika

Another awesome papercraft or paper model from Julius Perdana that hosted paper-replika.com. Really nice patlabor papercraft. I am a big fan of Patlabor and i were really satisfied with this papercraft, of course, i ve been waitting so long for this moment, making the best Ingram papercraft in net with perfect scale, nice texturing, and its totally free..!!Thank you for paper-replika.com for high class designs that shared for free!!

So then i prepared my tools, set my printer and then, i m ready with scissors in one hand and glue in the other hand to make these bunch of paper to be an Ingram. This model has curved faces, and it makes sense because, real patlabor have curved faces also. For consequences it will be more difficult to built rather than cubic faces. But a clear and complete instruction from designer made it more simple to me. This is a big model (over 25 cm tall) with a lot of parts, and my advice is make it from the foot and just be patient. Be Patient is really important because If you start to get bored, stop build, and enjoy other activities. It will be better to made it good looking in a longer time rather than "not so good" looking in faster way. because for me it will be frustating if i have it 50% built then something mess comes up because im in hurry, with that lot of parts...oh noooo its just impossible for me to start from zero again. But this is just my opinion. This is the pictures of Patlabor Ingram Papercraft that designed by Julius Perdana and built by myself

You can visit paper-replika.com and download patlabor papercraft model here

Rhino, Future Armored Guerilla Vehicle Papercraft

Have you ever seen death race movie??this papercraft was inspired by that film. My imagination getting wild after watched that movie, i think sometimes i need that such car, and i start to made it in papercraft...
Based on double cabin hummer body, i tried to put extra "baggages" in the back, at the top of the roof, and put some armor on both sides of the car. two 12,7 mm gatling gun put in front of navigator seat, with special connector to the body of the car it can rotate around for 70 degrees. On the both, right and left side of the car there are 50. calibre machine guns, so do in the back of the car, two 50 caliber machine guns with rotatable turret are ready to do ther job to break something up. On the top of the roof, there are 3 tube of anti tank misilles that packed into a simple box, just like your roof rack car box. I'm sure with this kind of armament, this car will be ready to blown something up..

No need to tell you much, just see it, high steep angled shield in the doors, it shape specialy designed to do minimal damage when hit by bullets and anti tank weapon such an RPG (hahaha) , extra metal fin shape protection for driver and co-driver (the glass, of course it is bullet-proof), special bumper that can be putting down to protect tyre from spikes if the enemy put it on the street. It will be totally swept up to the sides of the car by the bumper. On the bottom of the car there is angled metal plate that protect driver and co driver if the car was hit by mine. even if the car is broke down, the driver and co driver have more chance to survive. On the back of the car, i put ekstra large fin angled shield, to protect the car from shot in escape mission. Just like "tombstone" on franky's car, it also can be dropped down. All of this armor is made by material such as Cobham (the armor of Challanger 2 MBT)

Active Defense
Smoke grenade is a standard.

After all this is just my imagination not a real thing, will it be come true in real world???i hope not, the world will be better if killing machine like this is not a real one. love and peace.. hehehe

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Manusia Kotak Papercraft Test Build

Finally i have my printer ready, my mood was good, and i had a time!!So i tried to make my first papertoy design to be a real one in paper form. In the other words this is a test build time!! and the result is...enjoy..

you can download manusia kotak papertoy (human box papertoy) here

Thursday, October 1, 2009

M1A1 Abrams Papercraft 1:35

M1A1 Abrams Papercraft

The M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank is made by General Dynamics Land Systems Division of USA. The first M1 tank was produced in 1978, the first M1A1 in 1985 and the first M1A2 in 1986. Until now, Over 8,800 M1 and M1A1 tanks have been produced. This tank looks familiar because it always seen in television and used in Iraqi War. it has composite armor, turbin engine, and 120 mm smoothbore canon. It has 9.7 m long, 3.6 m wide, and 2.89 m height. With all of these specification, and the battle proven story, Abrams is one of the best modern MBT in the world now. So then, i tried to make the simple 3d model and the papercraft also.As it said b efore, simple model, this papercraft is not a difficult model. i gave it 2 and half stars from 5 stars for a model with maximum difficulty. I need a lot of time to built this model because of my ability in making 3d model is not so good, even this is my first 3d model that i made by a computer. had problems in geometry and texturing made this model finished in 3 months after i started it.... and in fact, i have'nt made the instructions page yet. (hope it can be released soon)

This model is shared for free, and you can download it from here or a link at the end of this post. If link doesnt work, feel free to contact me, and i will sent you my M1A1 Abrams papercraft pattern as soon as possible. If you have built this model i hope that you can sent me the photos, advice and criticism. i will really happy and thankfull fo(this model is not a percfect one of course)r your concern. enjoy.....

M1A1 Abrams simple version papercraft can be downloaded here