Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Libyan technical vehicle Papercraft

Title : Libyan technical vehicle Papercraft
         Libyan ZX Auto based technical
Genre : Papercraft
Designer : Yudho
Builder : Yudho
Publisher : www.mypapermodel.blogspot.com
Scale : 1:50
Paper Used : Art Paper 150 gsm
Adhesive : PVaC White Glue
Color : Printed with laser printer
Working Time : 5 Hrs
Difficulty : 2/5

North Africa and Middle East are now in crisis, the authoritarian governments are in danger. People are tired of authoritarian govenment style, start from Tunisia and then Egypt and now it's Libya, people start to do a revolution. In Libya, i see a lot of double cabin SUV that bring a light anti aircraft gun (something like a 12,7 mm dshk or a 20-50 mm gun) on a tripod, and its used by the Libyan revolution army. Civilian vehicles that are being weaponized remembering me to similiar fighting vehicle configuration in some countries that are having a civil war. Somalia (you can see them in Black Hawk Down movie), some other countries in Afrika, Irak, Afghanistan,  and now Libya. It is often used by irriguler army such as rebel army and revolution army.
I also heard that some mercenaries (eg : Blackwater) are using this fighting vehicle configuration, a double or single cabin SUV with a gun in the back.
Based on wikipeda, A technical is a type of improvised fighting vehicle, typically a civilian or military non-combat vehicle, modified to provide an offensive capability. It is usually an open-backed civilian pickup truck or four-wheel drive vehicle mounting a machine gun, light anti-aircraft gun, recoilless rifle, or other support weapon. In Somalia, where The term technical describing such a vehicle appears to have originated in, techincal is used to show strength and charisma of warlords. The more technical that a warlord has, the more powerfull he is.

The Libyan technical vehicle Papercraft is based on ZX auto Grand Tiger or ZX Auto Delux pickup. ZX auto or Zhong Xing Auto is a Chinese Automobile manufacturer. This double cabin pickup truck is prepared to compete with the other fifth generation of pickup models such as TUNDRA™ and NISSAN FRONTIER™. During the revolution In Libya, ZX auto is used as a fighting vehicle. You can see this car, with a gun which is mounted on the back, on your tv screen or somewher on the sites that talk about Libya Uprising. There are Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi Strada Triton that used by revolution army as fighting vehicle (technical) but i think ZX auto is the best for the next papermodel because of the unique and it has cool tribal painting on its door.
The soldier is carrying AK-47 Assault Rifle
And this is it, Libyan technical vehicle Papercraft has been released, you can download here complete with a libyan revolution troop action figure papercraft and boxes of ammo!!!


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  4. great designs, keep it up, love to see and build your designs