Friday, March 4, 2011

Pertamina's Oil Truck, Pertamax Carrier

  Title : Pertamina's Oil Truck, Pertamax Carrier
Genre : Papercraft
Designer : Yudho
Builder : Yudho
Publisher :
Scale : 1:50
Paper Used : Art Paper 210 gsm
Adhesive : PVaC White Glue
Color : Printed with laser printer
Working Time : 7 Hrs
Difficulty : 2/5

This model is a part of Truck series. Fortunately i am interested in oil truck carrier, and i choose Pertamina as the state owned corporation that operates so many oil trucks. There are so many Pertamina's oil trucks on the street and it helps a lot because there are just lack of oil truck references on the internet. So that, i need to do a little research to get sufficient references of Pertamax Carrier oil truck, especially their photos. Just for your information, Pertamax is the top Pertamina's product of gasoline. In the fact, Pertamax has higher octan value than premium, another Pertamina's product of gasoline. So that, Pertamax is better for your car than premium, but it is more expensive.

Backside of Pertamax papercraft

This Pertamax carrier papercraft was based on my previous papercraft design, Premium carrier oil truck (it was "Pertamina's Oil truck" in my previous post), what i had to do was resizing some parts of it because i wanted to make a Pertamax carrier that brought 8000 L of gasoline. FYI, My previous model, premium carrier oil truck papercraft, was built for carrying 16000 L of gasoline. So this pertamax carrier papercraft had similiarity but not identical to premium carrier. If you had built the premium carrier papercraft, i thought that it would be easy for you to build this model. This model was an easy an simple model, you could make it even this was the first time you built a papercraft. So if you wanted to build this papercraft, please follow this to get it for free!!!

Pertamax carrier papercraft with his older brother

Download Pertamina's oil truck, Pertamax Carrier here
See the instructions of Pertamax Carrier here


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