Monday, October 18, 2010

Micro Papercraft

Blackhawk papercraft

The squardon :D

Su-27 Flanker micro papercraft

I made these tiny papercraft couple years ago, when i was in junior high school.I made BlackHawk, S-37 Berkut, F-16 fighting falcon, Comanche, F-22 raptor, Eurofighter Thypoon, Me Bf 109, and (this is my favourite) Su-37. All of these are stracth built. It means made by "no design". i saw the pictures of these aircraft, collect technical specification and line drawings, and draw the pattern instantly with pencil and ruler in asturo paper (once, i draw it on transparency). I ussualy divide 3 main parts of pattern, 1st is main part (wings, and tail wing), 2nd one is the fuselage, and 3rd one are additional parts. By this method, there will be no exactly same model because before i go to the 2nd part, i need to cut the 1st part. The size, geometry, and etc of 2nd part are depend on the 1st one. I can simply said there is no copy of the model because i was not build all by one, but one part to another, one by one..

This method is lack of precission, but because these model are small, i dont really worry about the detail that need such incridible precission. No one can see inside the cocpit of these model even if i able to build it :D


S-37 Berkut

Me bf 109 micro papercraft

Note : there are no downloadable pattern for these model, but please enjoy the pictures

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