Sunday, June 20, 2010

Optimus Prime Papercraft

This model was downloaded from, designed by Julius Perdana. Consist of 5 released parts, and i ve made 4 of them(I hope i can make the fifth in couple weeks later). They are Head and Part 2a-2c. I made this Optimus long time ago, and i m not really satisfied with the result. Couple weeks ago i made an amelioration of my Optimus Prime. It is impossible for me to make another Optimus!!It needs many papers and the most important thing was, it will spent my time a lot...

The amelioration was started with the body, since the color is not printed correctly, i painted it with water based color paint. It was so difficult (with my lack painting ability) and inefficent thing, but i think i ve made it :). I strengthtened the body by adding some rolled and thick paper. I need my Optimus stand for many years later.

The body was ameliorated, but how was the head?It was immposible to repair my Optimus's head. I made a lot of mistakes when i built the head, so i made the new one. Fully painted, and believe it or not, the new one is "limited waterproof". I think combination of water based color paint and clear aerosol spray make it.

Now you can compare, my old Optimus Prime Papercraft and the new one....


  1. It is very nice work that you have done and we can see that you have worked very hard for making this. You are right that you should make better than it because you can make it.
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  2. @makenziehernandez, thank you very much, yes you're right, i always do 100% on my projectand i hope that i can do better in my next project :)

    thanks for your support :)

  3. ente hebat banget bro!!! eh kudu pake english ya??!! ok (autobot...change the language!!): are great builder bro.., i made my OP last year and you know...dissapoint with the result. specially the head many time i used for that part but bad result come keep on your move to build it. i'll follow as soon as possible. Remember OP words at the end of Transformer 1 (We are here, We are wait)

  4. thx bro!! yang hebat desainernya : om Julius!! ga kok ga kudu pake english, senyamanya aja heheheh..

    Ok bro i'll wait for your OP!! (i am here and i am waitting, semangat bro!!!)