Sunday, May 9, 2010

Soedirman 01 MBT Papercraft

Note : This tank is not exist in real world except in papercraft. This tank was a free papercraft design from yuthdaw. Any commercial use is not available except in my permission. Downloadble version color scheme will different from the testbuilt.

Name : Soedirman 01 MBT
Origin : Indonesia
Length : 10.05 m (gun forward)
Width : 3.7 m
Height : 2.1 m
Weight : 48.8 metric ton
Max speed : 60 kmpj (on the road)
Operation Range : 400 km (without additional fuel tanks)
Power Rating : 1500 HP
Power Ratio : 20HP/ton
Canon : "Gandiwa" smoothbore 130 mm
Ammunition Types : HEAT, APFSDS, HESH
Secondary armament :12,7 mm or 7.62 mm (automatic)
Co-axial armament : 12.7 mm

Test Built 1

TTU 01 is made in the concept of increasing deterens. 130-mm smoothbore cannon, making the TTU Soedirman 01 as a tank with the biggest cannon in the region. Weird shapes and low profile, Special Armor ("diamond forgedsteel") , excelent camo for Indonesia's domain, led to TTU 01 as a "stealth". Sloping fields that are created is not without reason, slopy plane will reduce the blast effects of enemy fire. Sloping field that is also attached at the bottom of the tank hull. Point to spread the effect of landmine explosions in all directions. The front and top of the turret is protected by thicker steel ("diamond forgedsteel") deal forward attacks and air strikes. Automatic rifle at the top of the dome rotatable in 360 degrees, with a maximum slope of 60 degrees, mobilized from inside of the tank.
ERA (explosive reactive armor) made in Russia is optional armor, to improve the ability Soedirman 01 MBT.
Has an effective range shots by 3.5 km, Soedirman 01 MBT using a large kinetic energy and extreme temperature to tear down the opponent's tank armor. This tank is used to deal with conventional threat , non-conventional threats countermeasure is limited.

The turret is the most tricky part, if you have some difficulties when building your turret, please contact me or if you may, you can wait for 2nd turret version in couple days. This turret will be an easier one to build, thank you


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