Friday, March 5, 2010

Transjogja Papercraft

This is my 1st bus model, Transjogja papercraft. Transjogja is jogjakarta city shuttle bus. It was held to reduce the crowdness of the city, to make Jogja citizen enjoy their time on the street. The motto is "Safe, Comfortable, Reliable, Affordable, and Environmentally".
TransJogja is cheap and air-conditioned. TransJogja is one part of the application program Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) which proclaimed by the Department of Transportation. This system started to operate in early March 2008.
The system is implementing a closed system, meaning passengers can not enter the bus without going through to the shelters, as well as TransJakarta. In addition, the payment system implemented different: one-way tickets to students, and general tickets to subscribe. There are three types of tickets can be purchased by passengers, the fare one way (single trip), and general tickets to subscribe.

Manager TransJogja is PT Tugu Jogja Trans, as a form of cooperative management consortium of four public transport in cities and rural Yogya (Cooperative Youth Sleman, Kopata, Aspada, and Puskopkar) and Perum DAMRI. (wikipedia)

Transjogja has 2 main manufacturer, Hyundai and Mitsubishi. This papercraft based on Hyundai bus with Trisakti Karoseri(Trisakti Body shop).

download pattern here
and see instructions here

Built Model

Transjogja Papercraft 1

Transjogja Papercraft 2

Transjogja Papercraft 3