Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Head of Optimus Prime Papercraft

Head of Optimus Prime Papercraft

Optimus Prime Papercraft

Optimus Prime Papercraft (front)

Another awesome and free model from paper-replika.com, this is Optimus Prime papercraft (head). It was designed by Julius Perdana, an Indonesian papercraft designer who also hosted paper-replika.com. Its head, has Nine pages, consist of 8 pattern pages and 1 cover page. It has been released with complete instruction on it's site, so i didnt have any worry when i decided to build it. Printed on 190 gsm ivory paper with canon pixma 1300 printer, the color was not printed correctly, and i decided to repaint this model when i finished then. I spent almost a month to built this model because i have a lot of things to do and,still, i have an exam for almost 2 weeks. So i have to make it about only 15 minutes per day, no matter what, because i think, its just a hobby, and i have another responsibilites out there, so i take my time wisely. Its hard to do, but it works!!

How do i made this papercraft for step by step will be posted soon.. :)

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