Monday, December 15, 2008

Chinese Dragon Papercraft from Canon

The Dragon and the Black Pearl

Chinese Dragon Papercraft, this is an awesome model from canon, not to difficult but very well look when finished.

Dificulty : 7/10
from canon : The Chinese dragon is a spiritual beast; a mythical creature with a long, snakelike body and sharp talons. Its image differs slightly to that of the Western dragon, being considered a sacred creature: a god that reigns over direction. In China, it is also used to symbolize the power of the emperor. The Chinese dragon is believed to control the weather, being responsible for causing tempests, lightning, and tornadoes. In its hand it holds a flaming pearl, thought to be harbinger of fortune and good luck. Feng Shui principles state that if you place a dragon ornament in the southeast corner of a building with a container of water, a dragon will come down to drink the water, improving your fortune in business and causing trade to flourish. Also a symbol of strength, the dragon is said to invite all kinds of luck. Leaving a dragon at the entrance to a building, on the right as you enter a room, or in the north corner is said to increase your luck in terms of wealth and love.

Chinese Dragon Papercraft 1

Chinese Dragon Papercraft 2

Dragon's Head

you can download this model @ canon

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